Monday, October 3, 2011

Yes, HER again.

Well folks...I've FINALLY figured out the issue with my pics, so now I can show you ALL 12 of the ones I've taken in the last 5 days or so. You'll find all my missing pics in the new album located under the original one to the right. I know you've all been on pins and needles for them/forgotten my existence entirely.

My absence has become normal, and I've realized that life....apparently moves on without me. The first week or 2 after my departure I'd get about 600 emails and messages a day from people telling me they miss me. Now the only people who try to communicate with me are from my library, telling me to get my butt back to America and pay my fines.

My babies have probably all forgotten my name and face. And now I'm just a blurry shape, pushed to the far corners of their minds, now overtaken by cool new toys and Aunties who are much cooler than me, who are there for them, who push them on the swing, and sneak lollipops for them, and let them cuddle with them in her beds with their shoes on as they watch Finding Nemo clips together. Yes, I've easily been forgotten for those Aunties. 5 weeks in baby time is like 5 years to us. 

I just hope that though I've been pushed to the far back, dusty corners of your mind now, I may one day become a little closer into the more regularly visited sections. Maybe one day you'll think of me, as I always think of you. 

But hey! Guess what I did today!

I hung out with Brenda! My favorite Canadian!

And I drank this. Which was like a spiked strawberry milkshake, which was so divine, it MUST have been created by angels. Or skinny-beyond-belief European men with soul patches. I sure hope they wore beard-nets.

I walked the streets of Amsterdam, yet again and adored the views. 

I did not go here.

And now I'm home with Brenda. Waiting to holler from my milkshake induced coma on the couch, "HEY! HEY! HEY!" at Aaron when he walks through the door. Then he'll glare. And I'll stick out my tongue.

Not much has changed with me. 
Except for maybe my skin, which now produces more oil than a deep-fat-fryer.
And also my hair, which is now about a quarter inch longer. And has acquired white stripes in areas, due to the sun exposure. 
In the last 3 weeks I've ingested enough cheese to sink the Titanic, this Lactose Intolerant Loser Belly of mine is in revolt, warning me that it'll explode (ew, sick, gross. TMI) if I down another tostie.
I've learned the ride the bus. (Mommy, WOW! I'm a big kid now!)
I'm much more cultured. I know some stuff about things! It's fantastic!
I can now cycle 2.5 kilometers in about 10 minutes. 
My fake British accent is down right perfection, and often find myself narrating my life in said voice. 
I love my babies 100X's more, and will probly never again refuse to watch Amara gallivant about the yard whenever she asks, "Gace! Shide???" be it sun or sleet.
I'm much better at ignoring crazy people on drugs when on the metro and they are talking on their pretend phones and singing made up songs completely comprised of the "F" word.
I hang dry my clothes. It makes them OH so fresh! 
I can sleep in a room that actually has natural light. *Gasp* "WHO IS THIS WOMAN?!"
I can cook and eat eggs. 
 I now am sick and tired of H&M. *Double gasp* 
I have gained control of my peanut sized bladder, now that I have to pay to use the toilets here. 
I read books. The kind with pages, and chapters, and no pictures, and doesn't involve Ron Weasley. 
I can sleep through strange men pounding on the door every Friday night because they've gotten drunk and can't remember which house it theirs. (Mom, breath. Marieke is always home, and hollers out the window and tells them where their house is! And I still have my mace.) 
I can cycle without using my hands. Cachow!! *finger guns, winking.*
I've learned to condense my shower time to about 7 minutes. 
I've allowed myself to be eaten alive my tiny fish. And may, someday even be able to scuba dive. I make no promises. 
I know my primary and secondary colors in Dutch.(believe it)
I've offiically become the world's WORST souvenir buyer.  (I'm sorry in advance, guys)
 I can wake up on a sunny morning, and look out on the dew littered leaves, and be filled with joy. 
I can drink a cappuccino (still can't spell it right the first time) slowly and enjoy bliss as the whip creams clings to my nose.
I can buy fresh flowers each week, and arrange them to my hearts desire, and breath in their scent as if it sustains my life.
I can see an old lady on the bus, and be the ONLY one who offers her my seat. (though she generally sees me, and concludes that she's in better shape than me, and says, " dear. It's quite alright.")
I can spend money on myself. (now this one, I'm not so sure is the best... :S )
I see that God is everywhere.
And......perhaps one of the most startling changes of all: 
I saw a midget. And I wasn't afraid.

But despite that which I've learned, I'm quite the same.

Brenda made me laugh out loud today, while we were on the metro, and the man infront of me falls off his chair in fear, and covers his head with his arms. 
"Sorry! Sorry...sorry......I'm sorry." 
He didn't want to hear it. 

I'm having a lovely time. 
Jessica, heart races whenever I picture us a week from today frolicking in the warm waters of Hawaii. Or sleeping off my jet lag. But then probly the NEXT day doing the frolicking. 

Remember, I'm coming home, one of these days.


  1. Oh daughter of mine, you lift my heart and cause me to laugh out loud! Was reading this blog at lunch and was laughing that Cindi said " you must be reading Gracie's entry. She loves it too. Well enjoy and know that you may be out of site but NEVER out of mind!

  2. Well, that was an entirely fun edition of Grace in Europe! :)

    Nice to know you're still you. Also nice to know that this trip is turning out to be just what we were hoping for when we first talked about the idea. Yay!

    I hope you're learning how to make those cappuccinos from Brenda, because I'm so jealous and want one when you get home. Please?

    Amara wanted to know why we weren't on the way to the park as soon as we got off Skype with you today. I really don't think she got the whole Skype concept. Every time we get off with you she thinks you're still here somewhere in the house.

    It's a relief to know you still want to come home - even if it's only for the babies' sake. ;)I was just telling Jessica last night that it'll be so hard for you to come back to regular life and living at home after being footloose and fancy free in Europe and Hawaii for a month and a half. I miss you all the time though, so you better get your butt back to America! I'm getting depressing, silent-house, empty-nest feelings around here. I need you to come back and sit around and drink coffee with me in silence until we both are alive enough to talk about our (totally mild, right?) opinions on everything going on in life until you have to run off to work. I have no one to read minds with or who knows just the right amount of conversation necessary to any given moment. I had no idea how much a part of my day to day self you are around here until I'm trying to function in life without you around!

    To sum up: come home!

    Okay, you can go see Jessica first, I guess. I won't be selfish, just this once.

  3. I am ready and waiting for you in Hawaii. I am getting all our amazing adventures in order and I can't wait for you to get here!!! I'm just saying this will probably be your favorite part of your whole trip ;) How could it not be you will be in Hawaii and Laura and I???!!! Love you!