Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A cube of butter a day keeps the Dr. away?

I'm coming up on the bitter sweet end of my European adventure! Bitter because it's the end. Sweet because now then I get embark on my Hawaiian adventure, and then home. I've so thoroughly enjoyed [nearly] every bit of this country, 
 and this trip, I know I'll be sad to leave it.

I know I'll miss Brenda (and every once in awhile MAYBE Aaron. Maybe). 

I'll miss being able to cycle everywhere. 
I'll miss Mareike, and her adorable house, which I just can't seem to get enough of. 
I'll miss the Dutch. 
I'll miss the copious amounts of butter. 
I'll miss how tiny everything is. The cupboards are JUST the right height for me.
I'll miss grocery shopping every couple of days, and getting FRESH food. 

Feathers on the eggs fresh.

                                                                 I'll miss the fresh flower.

I'll miss the views. 

I'll miss the peanut butter. Ooooh goodness. The peanut butter here is SOOOO much better.
And the bacon too. 

I'll miss the gas stoves. WOW. Wowie, wow, wow. 
When I grow up, I'm gonna have gas. 
I mean the stove. 
Not like gas gas.

Oh nevermind.

I'll miss the cappuccinos,

But thanks to my momma, I bought my OWN cappuccino (HEY! I spelled it right the first time!!) making supplies! Thank you so much mom! I'm SO excited to get good at making these. 

I'm gonna be SO fly. 
"Oh hey. Welcome to my home."
"Thanks. Lovely to be here."
"WHAAAA?! Excellent! You're the greatest!" 
"Pretty much."

Right now, I'm drinking Earl Grey. Brenda bought it for me. I hadn't had it in SO long, probly since last fall. I can't decide whether it makes me happy or sad. 

I wish I had something interesting to tell you. I wish I had some funny story, or a cool picture, or another picture of some ridiculous person to make comments on, but I do not. And I'm sorry. I'm extremely tired, and I really need to get better sleep. Hoping that it comes before my day of 16 hours in
transit that's coming up. I want to be BURSTING with energy for when I swim in warm, blue water. And go to Luau's and hula dance in grass skirts and coconut tops (heh. Just kidding dad). But not about the grass skirt. I'm totally doing that.

I'm very excited for that.



  1. Yay! Cappuccino tools! People keep telling me I need to make my coffee with a Biletti 'cause I'll love it so much I'll never go back. How convenient you're bringing one home, along with coffee skills. :) You do realize this means YOU will be making ME breakfast every morning, right?! Oh well, how 'bout I do breakfast, you do coffee? Can't wait for you to be back - I miss you!

  2. Hurray! You finally got your special souvenir!! With every cup I hope it brings you back to this special place and conjours up all those familiar sights and smells of your European vacation. Count down, enjoy and take it all in cuz before you know it you'll eventually have to resume your life back here. Oodles and Oodles of love. Mom