Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Illustrated [Fri]Day

My first attempt at cappuccinos. OOOOOh Bessy. I'm gooood.

Smokin' HOT. As per usual.

At the Dutch Pancake house. Snarfing Dutch Pancakes, Dutchlike.

"S'cuse me, but I think you've forgotten to put the powdered sugar on."

Lovely church. Inside the convent I'm joining.

Courtyard in my convent.

Fun Fact: If a boyfriend and girlfriend want to go on a romantic ride on their motor bike, the girl will always be the one you see driving.
And boys drive their friends around too.

Just before we go into the wax museum.


With my home skillet, the Queen.

"We need to talk."

Brenda, with Lady Di.

My city.

Jess, trust me, he's too short. You wouldn't like him in person.

Me and Justin. Bringing sexy back. CLEARLY.

"Edward, my love. It's been so long."

I'd win that race.


That durned skirt kept flying up!

Oh George, you've got something on your cheek. Just there.


Stupid Mona Lisa. Always trying to steel my thunder.

My Hero.

Centaur. It's Amsterdam, why not?
We hired a servant to pull us around. But after an hour we fired him. He wasn't good at avoiding the bumps.
Lovely sunshine. For a few seconds at least.

Then it sprinkled.

And then it poured.

It flooded, really.
Fun Fact: that red one there is the narrowest building in Amsterdam, only 1 1/2 meters wide.

Inside the mall. SLIGHTLY nicer than mall 205.

At Humphey's. She liked Aaron.

What a handsome trio we make.

More bait.

Freezin' my tush off at the bus station.

Well, it was a lovely day. Filled with fattening food, being pulled by a surprisingly skinny man on a bike to a place where we could eat more fattening food while we waited for our reservations to devour deliciously fattening food.
Goood day.


  1. What a great day!

    I love the wax museum pics - especially the one of you and the city. That's a print-on-canvas-at-Costco-and-hang-on-your-wall keeper! Looks like you had tons of fun to wrap up your time with Aaron and Brenda. Again, wishing I was there having fun with you. I DO miss you being home, but I almost miss being there traveling with you, doing fun stuff together more! Tell Brenda I'm very jealous of her.

    Nice bait - didn't know you liked the whole parisian thing that much.

    Laughed out loud at the Obama pic/caption :)

    SO jealous of all the yummy European food you're eating!

    Staying home sick today on the first Sunday in I can't remember how long that Dad is preaching. Very lame. Loser wife of the year award, right here! I get to watch online, but you know how much I love that. :( Wish you were here to go be cheerleader instead of me!

    Hug my sister hard for me!

  2. :) It was a VERY fun day. Oh, I know, I liked that picture too. I thought it wouldn't look very good cause you can't see me (how vain, right?) but then I realized it's actually way cooler that way!

    wow, you're right. You ARE a terrible wife. ;) kidding. Only kidding.

    See you very, very soon! :)

    I will be giving jessica enough hugs for all of the west coast. Don't worry!