Saturday, October 8, 2011

George WhatABabe Clooney

Good day. VERY good day.


  1. Is that for reals??!!! Details please.

  2. Nice! Nothing better to do than go to the wax museum, huh? How very touristy of you. Was it better than the one we went to in San Fran? Did you get freaked out by the dark corners in this one? ;) Have fun on your last weekend in Europe!

  3. AMY! You ruined it. I was going to go through the rest of my life talking about my lunch date with George Clooney, and now I can't....

  4. Oh, how fun!

    It looked too real, the picture had me!

    Have fun on your last weekend!!!

  5. Sorry! I realized afterwards that I should've been all obscure and just have said, "Oo-Oo, Pick me! I know!" That was dumb. I forget not to ruin you and your Dad's elaborate lies...I mean stories. ;)

    Just save the picture and tell the story to your kids. They'll believe you until they're at least 12 or so, being your children. ;)