Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goodbye Kulbes

Well, today was my last day with Kulbes.
Or should I say the COOL-BE's. HA. Get it, cause they are cool. I just changed the "Kul" to a "cool" and so it sounds like...
Nevermind. I keep forgetting I'm not actually funny.

But anyways, The Kulbes. What a wonderful duo they are.
Aaron: nerdy and ridiculous. Compassionate and thoughtful.(HEY! Don't let it go to your head!) Easy to pick on/at.
Brenda: Darling. Smart. Hilarious. Loveable, level headed, down to earth, fun lovin'.

I'm so emsensely thankful for everything they've done for me. For their hospitality and generosity. For their time, and energy. For their humor and how at home I've felt with them. I will never forget this trip you guys! Thank you so much, sincerely. Would this face lie about something like that?

I didn't think so.
Aaron, Brenda and I went out yesterday for a final HOORAH! And it was FUN! We went to a little pub for a lunch of scrumptious tostie (they are now running in my veins, I'm pretty sure.) and fries. Mm. FRIES....:)
"would you like mayo wit your fries?'
"Why yes, I've been meaning to turn my thighs into cottage cheese by then time I got home."

Then we popped over to the House of Bols, a museum of Bols vodka and geneva where we got free cocktails with the tour!

We cited.

This is where you smell the different flavors (like 50 or something) and later you try your favorite one.
Sour apple. MMMM

Deciding which flavor.

That one.

Tastes like juice! :)

Geneva: good.

We had a grand time tasting and enjoying. Afterwards, we sat around and enjoyed each others company/Brenda breaking up Aaron and my near constant bickering.

"Aaron I swear to you, if you try to give me a wet willy ONE MORE TIME, I will mace your face."
"Breeeeeeeeeeeennnnnddddddddddaaaaa.....she's threatening me!"
Brenda: "you deserve it."
Grace: *sticks out tongue*
"Breeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnddddddaaaa! She's antagonizing me!"
"Grace, leave him alone."

We often have very mature arguments like this. Just earlier I was telling Aaron that he was ridiculous for being so worked up over how "stupid" the phrase, "same difference." was.
"Aaron," I say condescendingly, "don't let yourself get so worked up over silly things like that."
"Oh?" His eye brow raises dangerously (impressively) high, "what about how upset you were when you accidentally slept in your socks last night?"
"That's different. Sleeping in socks is like bathing in underwear. It's horrible."
"...........yah. I guess I can see your point."
Then we're friends again.

Brenda bought me the most beautiful pictures of the city! I love them! I can't wait to hang them. 
The one on the bottom, I bought. it's a painting of Amsterdam in the fall.
After we walked around for a bit. We were hungry again. What? Me? no. (it's horrible, I have eat more and pee more than the pregnant lady :S loooooooovely.)

So we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. Nom nom. Fatty, American food! :)

wow. we're great.

Today was church. Always nice to see God all over the world.

After church, I got to cycle home from church in the pouring wind-rain in a dress and flip flops (my socks were all dirty. Don't judge me!). So that was nice. Now that I have pneumonia and a fever of 110, I'm ready to be on a plane for the next week and a half. Give or take.

No, but seriously people. It's Sunday, at 10 PM, Holland time. On Monday, Hawaii time, I'll be there at 9 PM. So like 23 hours right?
*tear* so, so, so, wrong.
Try 4o hours. I counted. FOURTY hours from now. *sob.* Jessica. Please find a nerdy sci-fi lover over there to telleport me over.

I just finished packing. OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUSNESS. That was literally THE most challenging experience of my entire life. I have an at-home-weighing device (because I have everything in life, clearly.) and it took allllll of my strength to lift my bag with it and hold it still long enough to look at it. You guys seriously have NO idea what I had to do to get all of THIS:

Into my carry on and check bag. I even sent 22 lbs. of granny sweaters and too-hot-for-hawaii jeans and shoes home already. And this is what I had still to pack. Sigh.

Anyways, I need to go to sleep now and mentally prepare myself for
1)saying goodbye to Holland, and Brenda (I said goodbye to Aaron hours ago, no need to stress about that)
2)Facing Schipol airport *gulp* (it's bigger than Texas)
3)possibly sitting next to someone that a) sweats profusely b) smells icky c)chews with his mouth open and d) says, "you know?" every other sentence so I have to be in a constant state of pretend smiling and nodding my head while I think about how nice it would be to throw up in the doggy bag and get out of talking/listening to his story about how I "totally should have seen that catch he made, like UNFORGETTABLE! you know?!" "uhhuhh........" puke. Just puke and it'll all be over. PUKE DANG IT!
4)NOT missing my connecting flight which leaves 2 seconds after my first one gets in.
5)Embracing Jessica with the powerful forces of all the top-grossing Taylor Swift songs combined. Wow. That's gonna take a LOTTA mental preperation.

Jessica, Laura: I'm coming for you. I'm coming for you with many, many, many faces like this:
I can't help it. It's how I show I'm happy.
Until then.

P.S. Please pray for safe flights and all the jazz. My plane leaves at 5:45 AM Portland time, and then my connecting flight leaves from Seattle to Honolulu at 5:54 PM to arrive at 8:49 PM Hawaii time (like 1 AM your time), or something stupid like that. WEEEEE! I can't wait! :)

P.P.S. I saw a man wiping his dog after it went to the bathroom. I can still taste the throw up in my mouth.


  1. 1) Love those paintings! So gorgeous
    2) You can throw out my gym bag if it lightens your luggage and lets you pack peanut butter :)
    3) Don't die in a fiery crash. It would seriously annoy me ;)

  2. Grace - you're the BOMB! Thank you for coming and sharing our lives with us for a month. Please go home and encourage our friends to come over and visit!

    Oh yeah... you *HAVE* to come back!!

    Have a *fantastic* time in Hawaii... and do *NOT* forget the sunscreen!! You'll burn to a crisp if you don't put it on!