Monday, October 10, 2011

Last day

Today is my very last day in Holland. And I have such mixed feelings about it. 
Sad to be saying goodbye.

Happy to be moving on! 

I'm sitting here, with my 2 tons of luggage, waiting to walk down in the wind and rain to the bus stop where I'll make my way to Schipol! Ahh!

If I die in a fiery crash, thank you for reading.

Yours always,



  1. Oh NO, thank you! I think you need to continue to blog your 'life'. As your trip nears an end I'm sad that I won't get to read and be thourghly entertaind by you. It's honestly like how one feels as they near the end of a great novel....kind of sad. Thank you for making your entries along the way. I know at times it frustrated you but your followers appreciated it. Be safe and enjoy the last leg of your journey. Much love. Mom

  2. Grace - I'm a little sad you're leaving Amsterdam as well. I've so enjoyed your bird's eye view of that city!! Have a wonderful time warming yourself on the beaches of Hawaii :) Aloha!!!

  3. 6:47pm HOME time:
    Watching (500) Days of Summer without you
    Sniffling through my stuffy nose, giving myself a sinus headache
    Being sick without you to take care of me
    Hoping you aren't dying in a fiery crash!
    and that you miss us as much as I miss you today