Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well! I'm broke.

Okay, not entirely. But I did buy a zillion things today at the market. It's kinda like the Saturday market, only WAYHAY better. And everything is so much cheaper, even with conversion. And it has more you can buy. It was so amazing. It was on the streets, tucked in between these apartments that sit on restaurants and shops. The buildings seemed to never end, it looked like an old Hollywood set. It was enchanting. Everyone was so friendly (And I'm just CERTAIN that it wasn't because I was shelling out Euro's for their just liked me).

We ate the most delicious and fresh stroopwafels (a.k.a the number one cause of why I will come home obese!) They are these thin waffles with caramel maple syrup in the middle. They were warm, and make my eyes and mouth water thinking about. I want to die/cry when I eat/think of eating them. Oh. MYGOSH. Yum yum yum.

I took this on my camera's "panarama" (or something) setting (I'm mildly obsessed with it). This is the view from Brenda and Aaron's apartment. It's on the 10th floor. I ride the elevator. Partly so I don't have to walk up the stairs, but mostly because I like pushing the buttons. 
This is octopus I ate, from the market.

Ha. Lies.

I'm a liar.

I'd die first.

I'd literally rather be eaten BY an octopus, than eat one myself.

Not an ounce of English. I got a sandwich. It was grand.

Notice the swastika on the wall in his apartment. He wanted me to come up there with him, but Brenda said I probly shouldn't. So I just went home and read my Bible instead.

 The clouds were lovely today. It was sunny and warm. A little birdy whispered in my ear and told me that it wont be that way long....
 Don't forget me.
 Men pee in here. It made my eyes water.

So yes, that was my day. Now we're back at the apartment, resting. And though my womb is as empty as my box of Dots, I am feeling just as worn out as Brenda is, who's womb is as filled as a proper RCC woman's should be. HERE! HERE!

Now, I shall tell you of some fun facts about Holland:

No one wears helmets. Um hello, that would make them look SO uncool. Also they are nothing like the idiot Portland bikers who are rude and aggressive and assume everyone will look out for them, when in fact very very very few do. Bikers have the right away here, so cars are USED to looking out for them, but they will still be safe, they wont ring their bells a trillion times screaming "LEFT!" as they whiz past you.

Also! The light switches here are different. I don't know how to describe them. They're just different.

As are the toilets. No. No bidet. But instead of the whole drain in the bowl being in the middle, it's actually at the very front. It's odd. And you press this button thing, and once you let go, it stops flushing, so you have to hold it till you feel it's been completely flushed! Amazing. Brenda and Aaron's toilet have two buttons. One for #1. One for #2.

The refrigerators aren't meant to makes things cold cold, just keep them cool. Hmmm....

People go shopping once every two or three days, because they dont have space, and they all ride bikes so they can't carry much at a time.

Well, I'm off to the grocery store.

Be good. Work hard. Miss me.



  1. Seriously! The best thing I've read all day! You are very entertaining! :-)

  2. As usual – you had me in stitches. Now I miss you terribly!!!

    Did I ever tell you that one of the things I like most about you, and enjoy about my day – EVERYDAY – is the stories you tell at dinner time? It’s true.

    Now I miss you terribly!!!

    Your pics are great – and I must say that your documentation of all the various legal/available sins and temptations in Holland to be avoided is superb (for example: eating octopus, public defecation, invitations from exotic European men, drug dispensaries, education opportunities at unusual museums – and the list goes on). Well done you – fleeing these temptations – and doing extra Bible studies!!!

    Have great fun: I miss you terribly!!!


  3. Woah - look at you and all your followers! That's what you get for being so entertaining. You should travel more often...NOT!

    Have fun everyday!