Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh Meat.

The moment I stepped off the airplane and into the fresh Holland air, the sweet scent of my American blood flooded the olfactory glands of each and every mosquito that covers the face of this beautiful country. 

I’m probly dying of Malaria.

Last night I fell asleep later than usual. Not because I was unhappy, or scared or deep in contemplative thought, but because I was reading. Like…a BOOK! People, I read and stuff! HelloO! And you know what, I LIKE IT! *gaps, applause!*

This morning I only woke up 15 minutes before my alarm, unlike the last few mornings where I woke up an hour and half earlier. My morning hair is just as ridiculous as ever, I make the not so unusual decision to do absolutely nothing about it. My face only reaches the lower two inches of the mirror over the sink, so I hoist my body up onto the porcelain to gaze on reluctantly at my face which is currently being taken over by adorable red pimples. I sure love adolescence.

I made my breakfast and took more pictures of Marieke’s house (which I love) and read my Bible (Oh Ho. I’m so holy).                                     
I drink juice. Because water is for squares.

It’s another beautiful day here. Sun brightly shining, but the air has a chill. My favorite weather. The bike ride is pleasant, no hills. And the 2 miles each way to and from Brenda’s is getting less and less difficult for my flubby thighs. My tush isn’t as weary as I maliciously plant it on the seat time and time again. And my chicken calves are learning to be fuller and more apart of my daily life. Good work lower half, I commend thee.

We went to another market today. Not all together as lively, but it was still wonderful. They practically pay us to take their flowers here. We cannot resist. I'm gonna try to do something cool with them later, and if works, I'll boast and show you. But if I fail miserably, I will hope you have forgotten that I tried, and I'll curl up in shame until you do. 

I bought a dress at market today. It was 5 euros. And that was good enough for me. It will probly be hideous, make me look pregnant and albino. But I repeat....5 euros. I bought the boys their gift too(don't get too excited guys, it's only slightly more exciting than a square of toilet paper).

 This man is my friend. We are attempting to show our muscles....there really IS a reason I look like an idiot.

 Yay! We're all friends and stuff!
 Sara, Love. This is for you. A cinnamon latte.
 I never change.
 Seriously people, STOP forgetting about me!

Amy, is this not the BEST hutch you have ever seen?!

This is to show you that bikes have their own lane. Often there will be some kind of island type thing in between the cars and bikes. But always the bike lane is this reddish color.

Feel free to be impressed that I took this while riding a 4000 year old bike.

Well, pretty soon I'm gonna have the interwebs at Mareike's house too, so I'll feel less crunched for time. I wish to be able to talk to each one you for SO long, and tell you all individually so much, but it's not always realistic. I'm sorry to those who I have put off with my delayed correspondence, but I love you, and I WILL make time for you soon. 

Oh. I did want to say something about the Dutch people that I thought you all should know. You know how when foreigners come to America and they tell you how stupid you are that you don't know any other language, and you don't know anything about their part of the world? It's not like that here. They always smile and greet me, speaking Dutch. I look confused and ask, "English?" Their faces light up at the chance to practice their English (which they all must learn in Secondary school [High School]) and they ask me where I'm from, how I like it in Holland and so on. It's wonderful. They are all so wonderful. 

Also. Ladies, you know when you see a beautiful girl that you don't know in America and you start to talk to her about something, and she gives you this raised eye brow like, "how dare you talk to me!" and they get all competitive and heavens forbid their boyfriend be around cause then they get all protective and ridiculous? Nothing like that here. Well, at least that I've seen. So many of the girls here are gorgeous, but also the most kind hearted! Hey fellas? Can't find a good girl? Come to Holland! They're pretty snazzy here! 

Well, I cannot think of anything more that you should care to know. I will say goodbye for now, 

Have a wonderful day Loves! 



  1. Gracie, I think you should blog for a living!... seriously, someone should pay you, because you're so captivating in how you tell stories or events ;) And I love how you keep sharing what you've learned =D Don't stop having fun!

  2. Please tell me your bringing home a hutch for me?? :)

  3. Agree with Rebekah! Your blog is the high light of my day, more entertaining than "The Middle"-my favorite show. I love that you are showing us everyday life in Holland-Thought you were in Amsterdam-Guess they're one in the same???Geographically impaired. Like the bike lanes and the stuff on your hostess counter, love it! Along with reading a book are you drinking your coffee slow? or learned an excellent Dutch phrase yet? Keep those posts coming, you're developing quite a following. Love Mom

  4. Aw Grace, you make me smile with every post! Thanks for taking the time to keep us all updated and entertained! :)

  5. I can't believe my little baby grand daughter is way over there in Holland with all of those mean Dutch mosquitos.

    Love, Grandpa H.

  6. Thank you guys! I'm glad you like it, also mildly (insanely) surprised that anyone reads it! Miss you all!