Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All Dutch and Stuff.

Well, Day 2.
Such a large agenda folks, and my computer is dying fast. I'm gonna have to type like the wind.

I wrote this this morning while I didn't have computer access.
Well, it’s 6:30 AM for me, and I’m awake. How lovely. I can hear the rain hounding down outside, as if God were in the midst of sending the second flood. It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up the rest of the day considering we’ll be going into Amsterdam (the city) today. The bike I’m borrowing from my lovely Hostess is a wee bit tall….(no way, Grace? Too short for something that usually a perfect size for normal humans?) so we’re going into the bike shop this morning to get it all shortened. And fix the lights on it. Apparently if you don’t have functioning front AND back lights here on your bike, you’ll be fined. And it’s probably smart considering that’s what appears to be the common use of transportation. But if someone IS rich enough to own their own car, it’s usually pretty fancy. I haven’t yet seen some beater car chugging along, most sporty BMW’s and VW’s and the like.

It was a little difficult my first night, falling asleep and all. I am here alone, (great idea Grace, tell them you’re alone in a weird city you don’t know. Probly should write down the address and where the spare key is hidden too while you’re at it!) and it was definitely strange.  I felt a tinge of sadness as I thought of my loves at home, and that I have 34 more nights without them. But eventually I fell asleep, and I do feel better this morning, praise God. 

Fast forward 12 hours. 

I still have my computer set to your time. Cause I miss you. 
Today, we went into Amsterdam (the City). Such a great time. It DIDN'T rain today while we were out, and it was wonderous. The city was fantastic and since being in a city is like food to me, it was filling to see one so beautful. It was so unlike the cities I've been to before, where everything is new, and has windows everywhere with stupid names and ugly fronts and were built in the last decade. These have been around so long, they tilt. They're wonderful colors! The stores are named stuff like, "To Hell With My Bank Account" and though the city is massive, it's got this small town feel. 

I was one of those annoying tourists who stand in the middle of the road and take pictures, went on a canal tour, and bought tulips to which I am so proud of. I got 2 zillion tulips for 6 cents and just split them up and littered my hostesses house with them! :) 

I can't stomach the water here. It tastes like it's from the ocean.

Dutch boys: 
hm. Well, lets just say that I keep seeing there adorable girls all over the place. And then I realize they are boys. No. Umm hello! *I'M* supposed to be the one with the pretty pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes! Would you stop swishing your naturally highlighted hair for 2 seconds and grow some facial hair?! Sheesh.

A dutch man taught me how to ride a bike "properly."

I drank an esspresso. It took for freakinever to drink. Blech. Nasty. No. 

I bought a sweater. Frumpy Grandma Sweater....come to mommy!

 I keep trying to make these Dutch phrases sound cute...but it just keeps being impossible. They require too much spit. And a tad bit of an angry tone.

Tomorrow, I buy wine. Cause I can. 

Aaron is a geek. And I'm so thankful. Cause if he wasn't I wouldn't be here. 

Here are some pics for you eyes enjoyment. "Can you read this? There's no pictures!" (what's that from)

This means: Dog can poo here. Why would there be a place on earth that you encourage poo the ground?
                                                                   My Room
                                                   Brenda wouldn't go on this with me.

                                                           Huh. Who knew?!

                                                                        Magic? Like Harry Potter?
                                                        Cheese. My love.
                                                   The Queen's palace. Greedy.
                                            Pizza. I could eat on this for the next month.
                                                . Cat's are allowed in restaurants.
                                                             Didn't go in. Promise.
       This was the saddest couple ever. They never spoke. They needed to have been on the "lovers" tour.
                                                                    From the canal tour.
                                                      Freak of nature. The best day ever.   

 Good bye Loves.




  1. Grandma Dixie had to show me how to access your newer posts. I thought you had just done the airplane ride! Now I feel caught up. Sounds like your expectations of the trip "being surprised by wonderment"- like the trolley ride- has cone to be!!! Have a blast. You crack me up!

  2. Well this was just the best post ever! I feel like I got a taste of you in Amsterdam. Thanks dear. I wish you could bring me home some cheese! and tulips. and europe. What were you thinking, traveling without me?! I thought we were city buddies? ;) Well, apparently Amara wants to come find you in "Rup!" so we'll just have to think about that.

    I'm glad you're starting to get a bit past the jet-lag-no-sleep thing and enjoy yourself. I'm so happy you're already finding new and unexpected things all over AND that you went on a canal tour, even if you're not a touring kind of girl.

    Good idea to be writing your posts while you have no internet access. That we can have lots more of them. :)

    Love you lots and miss you tons already! I've decided the way Dad and I can deal with our daughterless blues IF we ever let you get married (in 11 more years, of course) is to do the My Big Fat Greek thing and buy you a house next door! Then, just maybe, we can tolerate this Grace not being home thing. Cause so far, it stinks. Seriously. Dad was playing Keb Mo at dinner last night because, to quote him, "it just seems right to play the blues, cause of Grace and all." I'm telling you, right next door, that's just where you're going to have to live. Get used to the idea. :)

    Have a fabulous, amazing adventure then COME HOME!

    Love you as far as from here to there and back!

  3. Oh, and only you
    in the midst of Europe
    after sex, drugs and strangers
    could find mutant Dots the most amazing thing in your life! :)

    Okay, I'm done now.

  4. Haha! had to have GRANDMA show you?!? Glad you figured it out though!! Pretty soon I'll have Internet at marieke's so I can better catch up! I hope you can continue to breath without the stench of me filling the house. P.s. I make my own breakfast now!! :O

  5. Beauty and the Beast. :)
    Looks like you're having fun - I would totally have gone on the Lover's tour with you. :)