Friday, September 30, 2011

Grumpy Gills Reports on Switzerland!

 Give it a listen.

(Here's something to listen to while you read, Maybe it'll make your journey through this post more exciting. And bearable. I've had it stuck in my head all day.)

This is likely to be the most confusing post ever. It has caused me much grief. And this is really the best I can do.

Wednesday night, "B et B," Switzerland:
Taken on our walk to dinner on Tuesday night.

It's about 1:38 AM, Wednesday night and I can't sleep. I can't figure out why. *chugs more coke. chomps more sweets.* Silly, really.

Today, I'm really missing my Posse. My Home Skillets. My Peeps. I saw a baby today, and I wanted to grab it up in my arms, and squish his fat, fat cheek against my (almost as fat) one and snuggle him. Kiss his face, and say, "oh hello there big guy! Hey! Hi! Aren't you the most precious thing alive?! Oh, what's that, you want to come home with me? Okay. Let's just wait one more second till your mum looks away and then..."

I. Need. A. Baby. To. Love. I'm going through some intense withdrawls and it's going to end poorly, very soon.

I've discovered that the ONLY thing that I like about sleeping in my own queen size bed, is that when I eat my crunchy Clif bar in bed and get crumbs all over the sheets, I can just roll on over to the empty, cold side, and make camp there. Eating side. Sleeping side. Good. Now that we have that established...I can't wait to get back to my twin bed where I don't shiver, feeling so small and unshielded from the world around me!

Today, we went into France, and took a lift up an alp. Why didn’t we climb it? Cause we’re not idiots. And we want to have fun.  It was grand. Marvelous to look out and see nearly all of Europe, or at least it felt like it. The hills were SO alive with the sound of music. 
See what I mean?!
In Geneva.
Seen on our drive into France.

iTunes for our ride.

We were in France, but didn't feel like spending our entire life driving.

This was the girls bathroom. I peed in that.

Getting ready to ride the lift!

The Alps lift!

Gorgeous, gorgeous.

After the alp, we went into a city and did some seeing of sights, and ate lunch, shopped. All that good stuff. Once we came back in for the day, I took a 6 hour shower; enjoying the hot water on someone else’s bill (I’m so inconsiderate). Then Brenda and I lazed around on her bed, enjoying the entertainment of Facebook, picking out the veggi’s from our sandwiches, and eating mountains of cheap candy. Aw. Bliss.

More to keep you entertained

Thursday, 3:00 pm, Geneva Airport: 

We’re at the airport now, and just in the nick of time! Only 4 ½ hours until our flight leaves! I’m drinking my 8 franc caramel frappuccino (heavy on the carmel, heavy on the whip) which will probably do WONDERS for my already upset stomach. There is no internet access here. Which is awesome, considering we’re gonna be here until the second coming of Christ.

We just finished our Switzerland adventures, and now we’re feeling the aftermath of our excursions hitting us full on. I could use a head massage, my body pillow and an 8 hour nap.

Today was considerably more plan-as-we-go than the past 2 days. It was nice, we got up and ate our breakfast for champions (all things slathered in butter) and went into town. At the beginning of the trip, we exchanged our money into francs from euros, at the airport. Well today, we realized that either we spend our francs, or have to exchange them BACK into euros. And go home and use them to buy things like groceries.  

SOOOOOOOOOoooo, we went shopping.
Then, once we’d decided that we’d either spent enough money, or that we just really didn’t look good in the wolf fur boots that seemed to be all we could find for sale, we left the centers and with 6 hour to kill before our flight. We went on a drive, like old people on Sunday afternoon. Cept our blinker wasn’t on the whole time.

It was lovely, driving up the mountain side for kilometers upon kilometers. We stopped at a look out, and it looked as though we were in the middle of one of Bob Ross's 30 minute masterpieces.

I caught a cricket. Then once I caught it, I remembered I wasn’t a 10 year old boy, so I let it be free.

We ate lunch at McDonald’s where I had a $13 big mac. It tasted of regret from my wasted francs, and cigarette smoke. Yummy. The kids around here are allowed to smoke at 16, and I’m fairly certain they all do.  My lungs are filled to the brim with 2nd hand smoke. I’m probly dying of lung cancer.

Now, we’re on couches at the Starbucks in the Geneva airport. My head is mysteriously itchy, and I couldn’t be certain whether or not it felt this way before I sat down on this ominous upholstery…..I’m pobly contracting head lice as I type.

Friday 11:24 PM, Marieke's house: 

Well, I'm home now, and I'm very thankful for it indeed. The plane ride was alright, it was still sick and gross, but there wasn't anyone sitting next to me making my eyes water, so I was thankful for that. The chairs felt as though they were made of tin cans covered in muslin cotton. And the fabric made my skin itch. I'm probly going to break out in hives.

I'm feeling so incredibly boring and annoyed at how hot it is in my room, I cannot go into the details of my trip into Amsterdam this afternoon/evening; before, during or after our lovely dinner with a church friend, Hannah. Who has a MARVELOUS Australian accent, BTW. Even better than my GPS's, believe it or not. 

Anyways, again, I know this SEEMS thrown together, but trust me it's been a pain in my neck for the last 3 days. So just deal with it. And stay tuned for a less insane post to come. Hopefully relatively shortly! And hopefully stupid picasa will work so I can down load my pictures. That'd be nice too.

 Sincerely annoyed,


  1. In my classic, OCD-like manner, I just finished reading all your old posts, Grace, instead of doing all the important stuff on my to-do list. Thanks for the stumbling block (I mean, diversion)! ;) I am enjoying your writing, even when you're grumpy.

  2. Dear Grumpy Gills (is that a veiled reference to having fish eat your feet?) -

    We are so delighted to receive your newest post! From looking at all you did and the fun you seemed to have - I take it that your grumpiness is just the exhaustion that resulted from all that fun!

    I'm so happy you get to see and do all of this - have a blessed sleep and post again whenever you feel up to it. Your devoted fans await (patiently) the next installment!


  3. No, my grumpiness is in direct correlation with technologies desire to point and laugh at me when I ask it to wrk. It's horrible.