Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't be weary, loves.

I'm quite tired from our journey to Switzerland, and I cannot focus enough to write a blog post of interest.

But I know that all my thousands upon thousands of "followers" are checking every few seconds for an update. "Give us blogs! Give us blogs! GIVE. US. BLOGS!" you chant, smashing your fits down on your desks passionately!

People, people...please. Calm yourselves. I'm only one human. I know that whatever I have to say is SO insanely fascinating that you simply CANNOT wait for an update, but please....just try. Just a bit longer.

Doesn't this useless post make your hopes shoot THROUGH the roof for what's later to come? Don't let it, I'll let you down.

Until later. Ish.


  1. Dear Gracie -

    I know how it feels. When we went to Ireland we got so busy that it got harder and hard to make posts on our blog. Fortunately for me, I had an executive assistant to help me get at least something up almost every day.

    Don't worry - We, your loyal fans, will not give up on you! We are committed admirers and will wait patiently for every choice word and "pic" that you find the time to offer us. We will savor every word, weep with joy over every pic, and lovingly follow every post - and forward them to everyone we know.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to give us what you have!

    With love, patience and admiration,

  2. Hi Gracie -

    It's been about 19 hours now, and we continue to patiently await the next post. Don't worry - We are still here for you! Waiting!! Patiently!!!