Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Having barely escaped death by a fiery crash...

False. My flight actually wasn't interesting in the slightest. Oh, I'm writing this on my iPod touch, so please be patience with the auto corrections that i'll surely be too lazy to fix.

Like I hinted at previously, my flight was lame. No sleep. No room to breath. My bones ached. But hey! It was only 10 plus hours! No biggie!
I imagined my next five weeks and contemplated god's plan. I desperately tried to win the approval (in the form of a smile...at the very least...or even a head nod) from a very old man directly across from me. But i know what he wad thinking, "those fashluganah tEENAGErs and them Durned technological capabilities." *que shifty eyes watching covetously as I miander through the personal entertainment guides effortlessly while he clumsily moved slower than mud through his simplified movie selections.
I watched the clock. And thanked God for the clean and nice smelling people who sat next to me. I compared the food quantity to that which you receive from the White haired sample lady at Costco.

She distributes more generous proportions.

I contemplated a crash, the kind that would send some to their certain death, but others....like myself...onto an island where we rebuild our life eating magos and coconut and completely freaking out our digestive track. I looked around at those who would likely survive. Obviously me. And probably Grumpy Gills. The small family (mom,dad and lil boy who behaves so well.) but I just got a feeling that something terrible would happen to mom (jellyfish sting?) and I would have to raise the boy as my own. His father would inevitably fall head over heals in love with me...but I had more important things to do...I had anisland full of terrified survivors who'd need my help, constantly. Who else would over come the trauma of the crash and survive? Obviously the vivacious new yorker who's shirt was unbuttoned enough for his chest hair to spill out of and his gold chain necklace to be on proud display.

I overheard the flight attendants gripe about how rotten the after flavor of the sandwich was that I just devoured. I agreed. I was not feeling fresh!

I noticed the FREE sky mall magazine that was "yours to take!!!" thanks, but it'd do me more good as a substitute breakfast sandwich than an interesting read.

And that brings us to landing. We landed. And then I met the wonderful sweet women I'll be staying with (who does the kiss each cheek thing!!!) and saw my ADORABLE little room (pictures to come, sheesh, be patient). Went grocery shopping with Brenda and now hanging with kulbe's in their "uber humble obode."

Dad, I peed 4 times on the plane.

That's all for now, folks.

P.s. It's sunny!

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  1. I’m so happy that you arrived safely without “dying in a fiery crash!”

    You do sound delirious though – All that fantasizing about an island. How do you come up with such things??? Maybe you should have used the bathroom more! You have such a creative imagination – especially when you haven’t had much sleep.

    Have a great time!

    Love you,