Saturday, September 10, 2011

Merry Maid No More

Well folks, the rumors are true....
I've retired as a Merry Maid. (okay fine. There was no rumor. I just told you all on Facebook.)

Yesterday was my last day, and though I've only worked there a little over a year, I feel like I've spent most of my life there, breathing in the heavy fumes of ozone killing chemicals, comparing houses with the other employees and gagging down Folgers drip coffee. And although I'm beyond ECSTATIC to move on to bigger and much much much better things, I am really so thankful for Merry Maids, and the lessons they taught me. 
Lessons like: Patience. Perseverance. Hard work. ULTRA hard work. Saving money. Working hard. How to carry an over sized tote bag, vaccum cleaner, tote, 4 awkward length sticks/dusters, and a heaping laundry bag up the hill to my customers home, all in one trip. How to work hard when I feel like only working medium hard. How to pretend to laugh when people make jokes like, "so do you have to be MERRY to work there. ha. aha. hahaha. BLAHAHAH!" Me: "heh. Wow. That's a great should tell it at parties." Okay, I'm still working on that lesson. And working my tush off. Literally...I'm pretty fit now.

Right now, I'm packing/doing anything in the world to procrastinate packing. I think I have most of it done. One of the hardest parts about this whole packing scene was realizing that I just really can't take my whole bed. :( Sad day. Not my furs, and memory foam, and silk and and and...what? Me? High maintenance? Never. 

A bunch of people have asked me, "what are you looking forward to the most?" And I really haven't come up with anything too good to tell them. I'll just give some garbage answer like, "not working, waking up slow, seeing the world, yadda yadda yadda blah." But yesterday I thought of something that I really, truly am excited about. And that is seeing something, maybe something that I've never seen or known about before, and getting very VERY excited about it. I've been told that I'm a "little person with BIG emotions." And I think they're right. I tend to love or hate something. And I'm excited to discover those things.

Now all's that's really left to do is to see my niece be baptized and say my goodbyes. Blah. I despise goodbyes. I can never say what I want to or give enough hugs. But somehow I'll still get on that plane Monday at 1:25 PM for that 10 hour flight and have a wonderful trip. It'd be foolish to say I wont miss My Loves at home. I'll miss them everyday, but I'm so excited to come home and tell them all my stories. :) 

 My next post will be when I hopefully tell you that I didn't die in a fiery crash.
 Until then!




  1. 1:18pm Portland time, September 12th

    We came home to an empty house.

    The depression has set in.

  2. Thrilled for you sweetie! Watching you walk away I just wanted to crawl into your carry-on and share in this with you. Please blog often, that will be the next best thing!! I love you and am so proud of you. Mom

  3. I miss you!! I never got to say goodbye =(
    Looks like you're having fantabulous time =D Keep at it <3