Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Get Too Excited.

This is really all I can think about.

More stuff happened today. And lots more pictures too. But not now.

If you didn't catch the memo about how to view all the pictures I've been taking (not just the ones I select for you to see) then click on the side bar that says, "Visual Aid" and it'll take you to my whole album. Be warned. There are more than a 1,000 photos. Most of them are really stupid ones that I take of myself. 
  (i.e. this one) 

Sigh. I'm sorry. I really am. 


  1. There are no apologies necessary, that's the beauty of having your own blog! It's yours, your the boss of it!! Everyone has enjoyed hearing all about your trip in your own honest quirky way. Wouldn't change a thing. Great job chipping away at those goals! Nails look great. Can't wait for the hula dance on the beach. Make sure you get a picture of that !! Love you sweetie. Mom

  2. Just went and looked at the pics you've uploaded since I last checked. Looks like a crazy/fun time in the Alps! You're WAAAAAY braver than me, going up in that thing, you nut. I love the architecture! Thanks for taking lots of building pictures. :) Oh, and 1,000 isn't that much - I took that many in one sitting with Amara last week. ;)

    Love you!

  3. Hi Sweet Pea!

    Since this is a post about your pictures - I too went to your Picasa Europe album to check out the 100's of "pics" you've taken. "Marvelous darling!"

    Thinking about you, and praying for you everyday!

  4. I've just realized you have a group of the clingiest parents alive! Have you noticed we're all the only ones commenting on even though I know there are dozens of people reading these things? Nothing like drawing you in with balls, chains and aprons strings! Sorry. We just can't help it. Good thing you're having this adventure, because we clearly need practice in living without you. Sheesh. ;)

  5. Haha. I guess I just assume it's cause my parents are the only ones that love me enough to stalk me the way you all do!

    I think the only thing more lame than having your only comments be from your parents, is having no comments at all.