Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catch up.

Ugh. This post is gonna suck.

It's catch up, like when you get sick and have to catch up on 2 days of homework in 20 minutes and the work just reeks of lack of motivation and half heartedness.

I'm kinda grumpy too. This is not gonna be good. 

Monday we got a rental car. It makes me feel rich and snobby. The radio is in Dutch, with bits of horrible American Pop artists thrown in for good measure, but mostly it's terrible, and I spend far too much time driving myself crazy hunting for non-crap to listen to.
I found myself becoming less and less picky about the recognizable music, so that when "I believe I Can Fly" came on, my heart beat quickened with excitement. This is not good.

We went straight from the rental pickup to Volendam, a miniscule town full of tourists, old people and espressos. It was darling. It was on the edge of a harbor with millions of gorgeous sail boats. I spent far too much mental energy on imagining how I might highjack one and joy ride home to show my Loves. 

I miss my Loves.

<--- It forecasted rain.

I'm still far too in love with the clouds.

Windmill. In case you've never heard of one.

House fronts too lovely to be alive.


 The boats I was too cowardly to steel.


 Moving on. 
Tuesday: Brenda picked me up at 9:00, and we went straight to Belgium. It was about a 3:30 hour drive. I was one of those obnoxious co-pilots who slept most of the time, and then grumpily opened my eyes when the tires hit a bump and peered around until I realized we STILL hadn't arrived, then went back to sleep.
 Sorry, Brenda. I really am.

The following are taken from Belgium.

Rosie, Doesn't he look like Emmit?!

And the meager few from Luxemburg.

I apologize, folks. 

I miss you.


  1. Woah - don't be TOO homesick! You get us for forever and Europe maybe just this once. ENJOY yourself! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! That's 3 countries now. Marvelous!!!

    Love you - Dad

  3. love the views....especially that last picture! ;-)