Monday, September 19, 2011


Today, I am tired. Too tired for a blog post. Too tired to commentate on life. Too tired for anything but to upload a picture. Just one. Why only one, Grace? Because it really summed up today.

That's a lie.

But it was one of my favorite pictures of the day.

And that is no lie.

I've found that the men in this country are outrageous. Outrageously awesome?! No. Notatall. Vain. Beautiful. In love with themselves. And this one, this one tops all the charts.

As I sat at the cafe on the harbor front, sipping my overly foamy cappuccino (which has given me an unsettled stomach if you must know) and gazing on at the sail boats in all their glory.

I marveled at the creativity of God that manifests itself in his wonderous clouds.

I gazed, and pondered.

And............what? What on earth?

He stood directly in front of me. Probably on purpose, probably so I could have a better view of him and all his Gosh-Groban-Wannabe glory.

And while I tried to ignore him, tried to not give into his ridiculous pleas for attention and admiration, I had to admire his persistence. His "Drink it in...LLLLLLLLLLLLAAAdies!" persona that oozed from him like glaze from a Krispy Kream fresh from the oven.

And so I took a picture. I only could see the side of his face, and the massive chop he proudly displayed (much to my disgust.) I wasn't content, because what was so unusually ridiculous was how adorable he thought his smile was.

It was not.

I pretended again to take a picture of the boats. He turns his head (amazing his neck was strong enough to move it) and flashed one of THOSE smiles into the camera.

And this is what happened.




  1. hahahaha...hey, how's your gash healing up? shouldn't be much more than a scratch by now with the amazing healing powers God has graciously given our bods. I miss you, Gracie...the posts have been fun.

  2. O.K. this guy looks creepy, notice those shifty eyes? And NEVER trust a man with tussled hair!

  3. "All men are pigs!" Say it with me: "All men..."

  4. I enjoy this very much. It is undoubtably proof that you are, in fact, IN EUROPE! haha :) Miss you Gracifer ;)