Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sand.....all over.

After about 16 hours in the air, I arrived in Honolulu. I neared my way towards the exit, and immediately I felt this odd sensation. It was humidity. And warmth.

I was greeted by Jessica and Laura with a Lei, and massive, long-overdue hugs.

I was so exhausted, so physically confused from jet lag, I was sweaty, and wearing way too-warm-for-Hawaii clothes. We toured the girls' condo (ADORABLE) and then headed over to the house we're house sitting this week.
I only got a pic of the outside. But the inside was cute too!
We hunkered in for the night, and I slept for a good 4 hours before.......TA DA! Couldn't sleep.

SOOO....I snuck downstairs and began watched TV. AAAaaahh...TV....old friend. It's been too long. I flipped channels, and happened upon America's Next Top Model. I (and other normal people) don't INTENTIONALLY get locked into an America's Next Top Model marathon, but I began to watch this episode and as it ended, it went straight into the next. Well, I guess I could watch one more. And so on. For 5 hours. Till Jessica and Laura woke up. Then I filled them in on everything they missed. Then we watched 2 or 3 more while we ate not-tasty-Cheerios. Finally...we summoned the courage to turn it off, and face the world. Though we did it with much more glamor than we previously would have.

The sun rise this morning.

at least what I could see of it from behind the mountain.

The day started off hot. Warm, and sweaty, sticky, icky. I was sitting, and I was sweating. Just the act of breathing brought beads of sweat to my chest, dampening the front of my shirt so I resembled a Lost character, after a particularly strenuous, heroic adventure of epic proportion.

Then we went on a hike. Which only made the sweat multiply. It was lovely, brilliant views. Both of the scenery. And of Laura.

 And Jessica.

Laura, Hair Ball, Jessica

This is called a lighthouse

Then we went to the beach. Where we frolicked, boogie boarded, and I avoided the sun.  It was glorious.

Hey baybay!

Typical toes-in-the-sand that no one actually cares about, but you still do it, just because.

.........haven't spent a lot of time in the sun.
In the last few years......

Laura's Top Model pose.
Work it. Work it!
Oooo. I like the angles of your lips. Very nice. I'd say maybe turn the head a slight next time.

 Somehow, while we were sitting in the tide, the warm water gushing over us, modeling, Jessica managed to shove 2 or 3 handfuls of sand down my shorts before I noticed. The discomfort soon was too much to handle. Screaming and hollering, I do what I can to relieve myself of this sand.
"Just go out really far and take your shorts off and swim around abit. It'll be ok." Laura suggests.

I'll get you, Jessica. When you least expect it.

I'd have much more to say about today if I'd slept more than 4 hours in the last 48. 


  1. I tried to feel sorry for you, but just couldn't work myself up to it, being that your in HAWAII with MY SISTER! ;)

    Hope you get some sleep and have fun this week. See you in 6 1/2 days!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.

    Don't forget the sunscreen! (By the way, Fun Fact: time in the sun will help with the acne)

    I'll bet when you get home you will want to watch all of the Lost series again - just so you can say, "Hey, I was there; and I saw that; and, its even more beautiful in person."

    Have a great time - and hurry home!