Friday, October 14, 2011

Hump Day

Well, it's Friday today, but I'll be reporting on the last couple day's events in their own special posts. 
This post is on Wednesday. 

(that means Hello.) Cool huh?


Well, my skin is on fire. Literally. You could roast marshmallows on my thighs.
I have tan lines. I tried not to. But I do. :/

So now I'm just as pasty as ever, but now with lobster-red spots all over. What a catch I am. 

I slept well the night before, which made me feel more like a woman than a slug. Sprinkled in salt. 

We started the morning off with bacon. Really the only way to start a morning off, if you ask me. 
We laid around, watching TV. Ahhh. TV....
And then we prepared for our day. 

The girls know a friend, who has a friend (who has a friend of a friend) who works at a kayak rental place, so we to take out kayaks for free!  

Kayaking! Like in a lagoon? 
uuuhhh.....more like in the ocean. With the sharks. 
(I just want you all to know, that I've been REALLY adventurous this last 5 weeks.) 
We were given a double kayak and a single. I guess there was some sort of unspoken agreement that I was just not even an option for taking out the single kayak. 

When we got to the rental place, we were shown a video on safety. It was all about where to avoid tsunami waves, capsizing over the reefs where we would be lacerated by the reef's sharp edges, and then eaten alive by sharks.
By the end of the video, we all had this glistening sweat producing at alarming rates on our brows, darting our eyes back and forth at each other, wondering if the others were as nervous as we were. 

They put our kayaks on these little trolleys and we were supposed to wheel them down to the water. The kayaks weighed about as much as a small house, and Laura and I spent the journey down to the water taking turns every 2 steps with the single kayak. Jessica trooped on with the double, like it weighed as much a skinny, new born baby (not those chunky ones with double chins, and rolly-rolly thighs and kankles, that make your arms sore so that once you get ahold of it you have to instantly start looking for someone else to take it from you before you arms fall off.) *sob.* I need to hold a baby. 

I was the only one that actually let on to the fact that I was scared. Cause I'm a whiner baby.


Laura The Brave. Facing the deep, blue on her own. Periodically we would wait for her to catch up. It was a nice excuse to rest. Then once she was within 900 nautical feet, we'd pick up again. Laura didn't need a rest. She's a warrior princess.
Still alive. Constantly listening for the sound of sharks.
Duh dun. Duh dun. Duhdunduhdunduhdun!

She has motors in her biceps.
This is about 1/2 way to the island we were headed to. The one on the left.
The one on the right is called Rabbit Island, it has sharks.
"what's to keep the sharks from swimming 2 feet to the left, and eating the kayakers?"
They all just kept changing the subject. :/

Arrived safely! Aw, and it is SO worth the view.

There was a tour group that started off on an adventure around to the side of the island. SOOO we followed them.

Very pleased with myself. What's new?

 We had to virtually rock climb in order to follow the group. We didn't have shoes, which felt nice as we were traipsing about the razor sharp rocks. We remarked on how when we were younger (not like now, now that we're old) the bottom of our feet could walk across shards of glass and not be any worse for the wear.

Bear Grills. I mean Laura.
Then we came upon a little cove, PERFECT for swimming and stuff. We waited until the tour left, and then we went in.

 I jumped in, because I've recently acquired these crazy things, I think they're called "courage," and "adventure."
I'd make the picture so that it goes the right way, but then you'd be able to see the heinous look my face is super good at making. And I don't need that.



We've seen about 25 episodes of Top Model in the last 4 days....

Can you tell? birth.

work it. work it!

Just before we head back.
The picture was courtesy of the 2 older couples we met, who were vacationing. And by old, I mean ANCIENT. Like in their 40's or something insane. One of the couple's loved each other. I know this because they called each other "babe." Instant love.
The other couple hated each other. I know this because they called each other the F word, with malice and disgust. Instant hate.

But the women of the relationship were both sweet, and they wanted to know every last detail of Laura and Jessica's life on the island, and they offered constantly to take our picture.

We began making our way back. It was really nice. Until we realized that the waves had been pushing us, then when they stopped, it began to feel like we were inside a volcano that never ended.

But eventually, it did end. And once we made it back, we were EXHAUSTED. Sun burnt, hungry and tired. 

Luckily, there was a little shave ice (NOT shaveD ice) next to the kayak rentals. It's like a snow cone on steroids. Or as Laura said it, "or just steroids." Vanilla ice cream, then tons and tons and tons of shaved ice (it's okay to say "shaved" when describing it) and 3 flavors of your choice. MMM.....Banana, coconut, and pineapple. Apparently they all turned out yellow. :/ 

I wanted to cry it was so good. I said quickly in between hurried bites, "we" bite "need to" bite, bite bite *BRAIN FREEZE, tears. ending brain freeze* bite bite bite, "get these every" bite "day Until I" bite bite "leave" 

notice mine is nearly gone.
We went back to the house and showered and cleaned up. We got all pretty (well....THEY got all pretty. I got clean, which is really the most I can do right now.) and ready to go out to dinner. Laura, last minute decided to stay home and work/not be with Jessica and I. Weird. We're SO awesome. Like the best people to hang out with on the planet.We're so cool, no one could EVER be more funner. Ever. I wonder why she didn't want to go? 

So we decided to do what all normal, young single women do when they are on tropical islands together: go to the most romantic hotel on the water front with mood lighting, music and watch the sunset with tropical drinks. It was sickeningly romantic. The food was drool worthy.

Not okay.

Wonderful Wednesday.

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