Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Miss Helper

Today is the girls' first day back to school, and my very last day before I embark on my journey homeward.

I woke up this morning with the depressing thought that I wouldn't be able to sleep again for the next 36 hours, made even more depressing by how little sleep I actually got last night. (WHY did I watch the Craig's List Killer?! WHY?! It always seems like such a great idea when it first starts, then when you've gone 2 weeks without sleep you curse your poor decision-making skills.
Like McDonald's: Seems like such a tasty idea, then you pay for it later with hours of upset stomach, diarrhea and feeling that you've just spent the day rubbing french fries all over your nose and cheeks.)
Another depressing thought was that today was my last day with Jessica and Laura. And Sam. And involuntary sweating. And shave ice. And highways called likelike [licky-licky].  

On a brighter note, I am Miss Spears' special helper today for her first grade class. Though I'm not entirely certain how helpful I've been.

Distracting the children by taking pictures. And winking at them.

During prayer request time: 
Miss Spears: Does anyone have any prayer requests?
Kika: that my sister's coach's son's head wont be hurted anymore. 
Gabe: that I wont be eeelergic to dogs and catses danders. 
Teah: uuum...that my daddy's back that was itchy this morning wont be itchy anymore. 

*snicker from back of classroom. 

Miss Spears: .......And please God, we pray that you would be with Teah's daddy, and help his back not to be itchy anymore
*head in arms, shaking from laughter* 

Jessica: *long pause for inward laughing.* aaaand *voice shaking* thank you for this day, Amen. 

Sorry, Jess. I shouldn't have been invited today. I am the OPPOSITE of helpful.  
Super cool Visitor's badge.

Though my day has been made by the little boy with impossibly chubby cheeks that keeps turning around and smiling at me. He says things like, "bwuther."

oooooooooooh! I LOVE him!

Very nice job, Miss Spears. Gold Star!
Now that my adventures are coming to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past 5 weeks and looking on to what the future might hold for me when I get home. 


I’ve got about 40 minutes before I board my flight, and I have this overwhelming feeling of happiness. It’s odd, because this whole day I have not been so cheery. But you know, I’m just ready to be going home.

So ready.

Despite the fact that I’ll be unemployed, and a loser bum with no idea what my life will hold, I know it’ll be alright. Even though at dinner (P.F. Changes-you complete me!)  Jessica’s fortune was “all your dreams will come true” and Laura’s was, “You can do anything you set your mind to!” mine was, “Forget your wishful thinking. Be practical….and P.S. you are a loser and have no life.” Somehow, SOMEHOW, I still gots this cheery grin thing going on.

It might have something to do with the fact that Jessica loaded me up with a box-o-Dots SO filled with the possibility of containing large quantities of pinks and/or reds, or that soon I will have my sweet loves in the very same time zone as me! Maybe it’s the thought of squeezing my babies to [near] death! Or eating breakfast with my mommy in Seattle during my 2 year layover, or drinking coffee with Amy in the morning, or watching the Cash Cab with my dad, or quoting movies during dinner clean up with Adam (A.K.A NOT doing dinner clean up with Adam) and being with my brothers (ALL of them!).  Or maybe it’s just getting the chance to breathe in that sweet, fresh air. Even if you don't want me to.

But I think it’s a combination of all of the above. And what’s not be excited about, when I’ve got ALL that waiting at home?!

I sure hope I sit in a seat that’s head phone jack is broken again.

Better yet, I hope they play Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I’ve only seen it 2 times in the last 8 days. I’m ACHING for a 3rd viewing.

Though I took a Tylenol PM, so I don’t know how much of the world I’m going to be aware of very soon. I’ll probly fall asleep on the tattooed arm of a 500 pound Samoan man and drool all over him. But since he’s lived in Hawaii, he’s the kindest man in the world. And just lets me. I wouldn’t mind waking up in Seattle in 6 hours! 

There’s a very elderly lady sitting across from me that’s blowing up her neck pillow (hey uncle Mitch, mine’s worked AWESOME! Thanks so much for lending it to me!) and I’m quite concerned. She’s turning purple.

Meh. She’ll be fine.

Well, I’m about to board, though I AM in the very last seat, so I’m likely to not board until 2 seconds before we take off.

I'm gonna be finishing off my blog hopefully today or tomorrow with one. last. post.

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