Monday, September 26, 2011

Stylin' and Profilin'.

As it is painfully obvious from the picture I took after I woke up today:

I am stunning in the morning!

A real looker. 

But really, I'm just afraid people wont be able to get past my unnaturally attractive features and see into my heart. See that I have a personality, and feelings. You know? I'm just like any other person, except.....much more appealing to the eye. Esspecially when I wake up. And I'm sick. And my gash is still not completely healed. 

Though truth be told about the gash, I'm quite proud of it. Makes me look like one of the survivors of LOST, right after they woke up on the Island. All beat up and slightly bloody. I picked at the scab ("ew, sick, gross, don't do that, it'll never heal!" they tell me, but I don't care. Secretly I adore my gash.).

Today is laundry day. WAHOOO! 

Today we've got stuff to do to get ready for our trip to Switzerland. Packing, and shopping, and gosh. I'm bored just talking about it.

Today we're both a bit on the ill side, Brenda is just getting over the worst of her ill, I'm just coming up on it. We don't speak much to one other, not because we are upset with each other, but because there is this silent, unspoken understanding that's just not fun for anyone right now. And that's okay. 

I have even less important matters to discuss with you today than I usually do (possible? Evidently.) But I did want to make a few notes. Today, as we were driving Aaron around in our big, spendy, black, cool, larger-than-life rental car I saw a young couple. Maybe early 20's. They were on their bikes, riding side by side (FF: it's rude to "cycle" WITH someone and not ride directly beside them, regardless of how narrow the road is), and while they rode, in the early morning air, they held hands. They both looked highly unstable, and a little frightened. But there would not be a soul that passed them today, be it in their cars, or fellow bike riders, that didn't think that they were the MOST dedicated couple you ever did see.
And that's all I have to say about that.

 Also, the glasses here, or spectacles as they've also been referred to: they're wonderful! It seems like every other person wears them, and unlike the people in America who try to pull them off, they actually look good in the funky styles. They wear these thick, black frames, nearly everyone does and with only a slight variation of either small, completely circular, or just huge, half circles. It's so hard to describe. But they. Are. FAAAABULOUS.

Well, I'm off now. My head hurts when it thinks. I need a head massage. Make all the ouchies go away. I need to sleep, forever.

Have a wonderful Monday, Loves. Work hard.


  1. Ooh sorry you're not feeling well. Get rest so you can do the twirl on the Julie Andrews Sound of Music mt. Have Brenda take your picture!!
    Have you only been gone 2 weeks? Why does it seem so long? Miss you very much. Continue to enjoy yourself. I love you. Have you gotten any of my letters?

  2. Can't wait to hear about Geneva and all! About 50 people or so stopped me at church to talk about how much better life is, reading your blog. Apparently you have a book deal, stand-up tour, and weekly column waiting for you when you get home. ;) Posted some stuff on the pictures blog and your FB for you about Amara's birthday. The videos are kinda dull, but there is a cute moment towards the end when I ask Amara to say, "Hi Grace!" and she pops up and looks all-around, thinking I meant you were there. :)

  3. No, Mom! I haven't gotten anything! :/ Send me in a message the address you're sending them to, and I'll make sure that it's the correct one! I miss you too!

    Amy, I know that was such a cute little part! I miss her, I'm glad she still seems to know who I am.