Sunday, September 25, 2011

Razor burn. It's the worst.

Sunday. Sunnyday. We've just finished at church, and now I'm sitting here waiting until lunch. I'm hungry, and thus a bit cranky. So when Aaron pokes fun at me (every other word which spews forth from his mouth) I snap back "Don't MESS with me, Aaron. I will literally EAT your arms!"

Aww. Some things never change.

Last night we went to a loverly restaurant called Humphry's. 3 course meal, wine, delicious. We took the metro, it's faster and easier than taking the car. It's always an interesting thing being on the metro. On the way into the city, I was one of the lucky few sitting down. The further down town we got, the fuller the metro became. People piled in, stacking on top of each other like legos. A man, on his way to something in the city that required him to wear a snug button up shirt, unbuttoned 3 buttons too many which was tucked into his even snugger jeans, stood over me, hands holding the bars on either side of my chair. He stood in such a way that proclaimed, "Drink it in..." 

I did not. Drink it in. For 35 minutes, I did NOT drink it in. And as Aaron continually reminds me, I should have told him that Aaron was my father when he asked. Yes, Aaron. I'll remember next time.
awwwwwww little family!

They always do this.

3 course meal! This was my starter.

Chocolate fondant. Chocolate ice cream. And chocolate sauce. Chocolate attack.
On the way home from dinner, I got to eaves drop (yeeeeessssss.) on a VERY interesting group of people. 3 girls who were just on their way home from a bar with a Hungarian Hottie in town for the night. The girls talked amongst themselves about where they all might sleep, considering how small their flat was. Shucks, it looks like they'd all just have to sleep in one bed.

God, be present in Amsterdam.

I slept well, dreamt of my new niece that's to be born in November, about how she'll be born with bright orange hair, and how her mother despises it, and dyes it grey instead. I ate an ungodly amount of bacon. Mmm........baaaaaaaaaaaacon. And went to worship.

After church, we ate lunch at the Kulbe's, Brenda and I went to North Shore, it's like the ocean, except it's not. We walked in the shallow water, for miles and miles. I got razor burn from the sand and water. But actually that should be good news. It means I'm still shaving. You're welcome.

awww....... *gag*

I wondered about who would pee on my sting if I should get one.

It's a good look for her.
I love this.
On Tuesday, Brenda and I are going to SWITZERLAND yaw! Very goot. Veeeery goot! We verrry cited, yaw.

I know, that doesn't work well. I'll stop.

Brenda is still wheezing, hacking and dripping from her cold. And my throat is tickling today. And I coughed once. And my nose has that threatening feeling, the one that is warning me that very soon there will be much leaking and oozing of snot. My nose will be wiped and padded at until it looks as though I have rubbed cherry pie filling all over it.

As of now I'm drinking tea to soothe my throat. But I'm also eating Hot Tamales, which is probly counteracting anything I'm doing to sooth. But I will not stop until I'm satisfied. I'm watching Good Will Hunting, the only movie Marieke owns in English.

Well, Loves. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Go to church. Laugh. Feast. Enjoy life.


P.s. sorry if this post is confusing. I wrote it at different parts of the day. And I am in NO mood to go back and change it all.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely Lord' Day. It's wonderful that you have having such delightful weather.

    I wish I knew what was on your starter plate - very curious picture. The dessert looks luscious!

    I had tons of people tell me to say they are reading your blog everyday and love it!!!

    I love you dearie!