Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some things never change.

                                               And by "some things," I'm referring to me.
I still wear frumpy sweaters. With pride. This is the one I bought the other day. It makes my heart over flow with joy when I snuggle inside it. And the lovely part is, I could probly wear it up until I'm 9 months pregnant.
That reminds me, I had a dream last night that I went through the TSA security thing at the airport and when I got out Security informed me that the reason I was so "chunk" was because I was
with child.

I still can't(don't waste time trying to) find matching socks. I don't see the point.

My time is MUCH too important to be wasting it on idle activities like looking presentable.

Instead I need to be doing valuable things like spying on the neighbors (fascinating creatures, really!) or dancing around an empty house to the Dutch version of MTV. Ha, what a joke.

When I paint my nails, it still looks like a blind 3 year old on Crack did it in a hurry

Yup. Nothing new there.

I still knit ugly things, with ugly yarn, for people who kindly pretend to like it.

Aren't you so excited for your new baby hat, Brenda!?

I still make this face.

Cause it really hasn't sunk in yet that it's just. not. cute.

Maybe if I keep doing it, it will be! Yah? Okay!

My hair still comes out in alarming chunks when I wash it (Adam, if you're reading this....the present I told you that I left you is my hair on the wall in our shower downstairs. For you to always remember me by.) I still snort when I laugh, and I'm still whiter than milk. So whether for good or bad, I'm still just regular ol' Grace.


Today is a lazy Saturday. I feel like one of those nerds (who I secretly wish to be) at the LAN (Lame And Nerdy) parties, as we all sit here on our separate computers, infrequently lifting our eyes from our missions. Some sort of intense music (I think from one of the fight scene of Pirates of the Caribbean) motivates us onward in our tasks of great importance. My head involuntarily bobs to and fro. My neck is beginning to get sore.

I'm quite proud of myself. At home, I sleep with 3 pillows. Because I'm ridiculous like that. I sleep with a memory foam one under my head, a body pillow to my right (.....just.....yah....) and regular old boring feather one on my left. I build almost this cocoon of comfort around my frail little body each night. I sleep in a dungeon, with so little light, I fear I'm become more and more nocturnal as time rolls on. But HERE! Here, I sleep with one pillow. A small feather pillow, the kind that by the morning all the feathers have been squished far away from your desired location, and lay about your head almost mocking you for attempt to sleep on them, until all that's left is the thin layers of the casing. But you know what? I'm still alive. I never thought it'd come to pass. I'm learning SO much.

I drink cappuccinos with Brenda in the mornings, and I drink it slowly.

I'm clearly the most out-of-shape biker in all of Holland. 95 year old great great grandmothers pass me on the left and look at me like, "REALLY!? Could you BE any slower?" I huff and puff an insincere apology and keep pressing on. A couple older guys actually pointed at me and laughed today from their cars as I clumsily and with astronomical amount of effort crossed the street. "ha. lazy American." they mock. I hang my head in shame.

This is my bike:

I find myself being annoyed with you guys for being asleep. Your night is my day, and how DARE you not be awake to talk to me. Shame on you. Shame on sleep. Well, you lazy bums, sleeping in past 4:32 AM...I'm off. Cause you're all being so obnoxious.

All my love,


  1. I love you Grace just the way you are. Only you can make a frumpy sweater look vogue, smeared polish look charming and mixed matched socks, a fashion statement. I for one hope that "same ol Grace" knows how truly extraordinary and remarkable she is!

  2. The thing about your fashion is that it is very European (I think) and you should feel right at home there!
    I’m so pleased that you are getting around so well (safely and efficiently) on the bike – even though you’re not entirely in shape yet. It seems like part of the culture there, and part of what you’ll cherish about your trip.

    What a blessing you are to the world!!!

    With Inexplicable Love,