Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Beginning[an explanation].

 It all started with Merry Maids.

For the last 380 days, I have worked for Merry Maids. If that isn't enough of an explanation, let me delve deeper. For the last 380 days, I have been torn from my cozy bed, my soft music and my wonderful dreams, at exactly 6 AM. I wipe away my eye boogers, and slide into my LOVELY oversized lime green polo shirt (which, I might add was made for a man), my khaki pants, and my unnaturally white nurses shoes. At most, I spend 6 minutes on my appearance, 2 of those minutes are spent brushing my teeth. I think upon first glance, many would mistake me for a 14 year old boy most days, minus 10 inches and the peach-fuzz mustache.

Eyes still barely open, I climb the mountain of stairs to where the Lovely Amy is already pouring my coffee, and scrambling my eggs. I gobble them at record speeds, and pour the remainder of my coffee into a travel mug, which I will inevitably pour into my lap at some point during my 30 minute drive to work. But don't worry, it usually dries by the time I get to my first house and only leaves a light brownish stain about the size of a softball in front of my zipper. :S

Once at work, I load my car (which after cleaning over 650 houses smells of wet dog and urine. That reminds me, I'm selling my car. Anyone interested?). I clean 2 to 4 houses a day. Sometimes 5. 5 days a week. Lately 6. I deal with people who complain that I left a "live bug on the widow sill last time!" Truth be told, I was actually sort of flattered that she thought I had that much control over the flies. Like I was their Lord of something..... I enter the homes of people who have clearly just gotten over food poisoning. I cleaned for a shifty-eyed women who's first question to me was, "do you have anything to take large blood stains out of the carpet?"  I cleaned for a man who told me there was no need to clean the shower, because he hadn't used it since last time I was there....2 weeks prior. I'm tired. Oh so tired. 

Realizing my need to move onto bigger and better things, I pursed the floral industry. In July, I got my certificate of Floral Design, which I am overwhelmingly excited to pursue work in when I return. Before the end of my classes, it was suggested to me that I look into traveling around a bit before committing to a different job. After all, what better time to do it in one's life than now?! I've saved my money, I have time and energy, it all seemed to be perfect. 

Immediately coming to mind was our good friends, Aaron and Brenda Kulbe. A delightful couple who moved to Amsterdam close to a year ago for work. Awesome. I'll just invite myself over for as long as I please. 4 weeks! That sounds about right. A few Facebook messages later, the Wonderful Brenda graciously accepted my imposition. She found me a place to stay and pretty much anything else that I might need. AND she just found out she's pregnant! This women's wonderous. 

Meanwhile, my Awesome Auntie Jessica went and got herself all employed in Hawaii! What?! How on earth am I suppose to visit you in Hawaii when I have to pay for a trip to Europe?! Oh....what's that you say? I can just add a destination to Hawaii on my way back? Yeah! Let's do that! It's even during her week off! Conveniently my Super-Fly Friend Laura lives in the same condo. God, you sure can do cool things.

Which brings us to now. I leave for my big adventure in 8 days. Monday the 12th. I will return October 18th with more stories than I can even comprehend. I think I'm probly going to move like 2 steps up on the cool ladder as well.  

In order to keep any interested people (you know...all the hordes of my mom....)in the loop-dee-doo, I've decided to start a travel blog. How original. Don't feel bad if you don't follow it. I probly wouldn't.

I don't know much about what I'll be doing. Where I'll be going. Who I'll be seeing, but it's sure to change my life. 

More later. 



  1. Thanks for making it sound like I'm one of those picture-perfect housewives who are in pearls and pumps at 6 am, with permed and set hair, bright red lips and cheery smile. We both know the truth, but thanks for not sharing. ;)

  2. So excited for you! I can't BELIEVE you don't have a thick binder itinerary that shows minute by minute what you plan to be doing! ;)

  3. I'm thinking I didn't train you very well when you used to come clean house for me...I never had large blood stains to remove or anything so exciting! {{{hugs}}}, from your unstandoffish friend who is excited for your next grand adventure ;-)

  4. I am so excited for you to get here!! We are going to have so much fun!

  5. Yay! Can't wait to see all the pictures and live vicariously through them. Love the idea of a blog. :)

  6. Wait a minute.... Brenda's pregnant? Oh yeah, I knew that. jk. Amy IS amazing and you HAVE worked very hard. I hope you have a safe, exciting and delightful adventure. I shall be following your blog faithfully and keeping you in my prayers.

  7. Way to GO, Graciegirl! I heard about your adventure through the Arnolds (natch!;-}) & am really excited for you. We'll be reading your blog for certain & loving being able to see the world through your eyes.
    To Amy --- I TOTALLY had you pictured in pearls & pumps, along with a crisply starched white apron!!
    Auntie Peggie

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